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APPROXIMATE PRICES of bookkeeping and audit services of Limited Liability Companies
  • up to 50 accounting records/year:       200 EUR/month (2.400,- EUR/year) + 27% VAT*
  • 51-200 accounting records/year:         300 EUR/month (3.600,- EUR/year) + 27% VAT* 
  • over 200 accounting records/year:      based on agreement.

The accountant has the right to change those prices depending on the actual activities of a company and complexity of the work. 


Accounting record: The computer processing of each company’s operation is considered one accounting record. For example, adding a supplier’s invoice to the report is considered two accounting record. Each payment to the bank account or from the bank account in accordance with an invoice (including partial payments) is a separate accounting record.  

  • calculation of payroll and personal expenses for individuals:        15 EUR/person/month + 27% VAT*
  • fee for preparation of the annual report:                                        monthly bookkeeping fee + 27% VAT* 
  • fee for preparation of the quarterly or semi-annual report:            monthly bookkeeping fee + 27% VAT*
  • audit fee:                                                                                        monthly bookkeeping fee + 27% VAT*

Billing for accounting services will start with the first day of the month following the date of re-registration (purchase) company.


Method of payment:             

  • Advance payment is always 3 months in advance, at least 600 EUR/3 months + 27% VAT*.
  • The first advance payment comes from the statutory fund, the transfer is made by the first director or authorized person of the company by contract.
  • Calculation of the actual work by accountants is always carried out for three months period for the actual number of accounting entries based on a separate invoice from the accountant.

The above annual accounting costs incorporate:

  • The registration of the company and the accountant at the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration with the purpose of dealing with tax items electronically or by phone.
  • Receive a Hungarian tax number for a foreign director and foreign individual owner of the company.
  • Accounting proper, aimed at the processing of the reported documents and data.
  • The preparation of VAT reports.
  • The preparation of EU VAT reports.
  • The preparation of annual financial reports for the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Inspectorate.
  • The preparation of annual statistical reports for the Hungarian Central Bureau of Statistics.
  • Correspondence with the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Inspectorate.
  • Correspondence with the Hungarian Central Bureau of Statistics.
  • Filling in invoices of strict reporting based on the client’s pro-forma invoices and, if necessary, sending them to the client (postage paid separately).
  • Tax advisory services in Russian or in English in connection with the company's activities.

Reported documents:

  • Original monthly bank extracts from the bank account. Based on the client’s request, the bank either automatically sends such extracts to the company’s legal address every month or sends them directly to the accountant’s address.
  • Original invoices received by the company are transferred every month.
  • Original invoices issued by the company are transferred every month.
  • Original contracts and agreements, if the payment has not been made based on invoices, for example, loan agreements or credit agreements with banks.
  • Incoming and outgoing cash orders (the forms are subject to strict reporting).

The documents must be submitted to the accounting office each month before the 10th day of the following month.


Invoices may be issued only:

  • either using the computer programme approved by the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Inspectorate (on sale starting from 80 EUR),
  • or using invoice forms in 6 copies subject to strict reporting (on sale when an extract from the State Register and the seal are produced).

​* National Tax and Customs Administration will refund VAT.